2014 I expect it to be easy to study from home (or nearby coffeehouse), and I had no problem

to find tones of online courses. The problem is, that after completion of a course I’ve spent time

and money on, I would like some kind of signed qualification that proofs increased competence

for myself, as a return of investment and to others when e.g. bragging about it on resume;

– this was much hard to find, why I decided to share my library with others in similar situations.

I’ve not tried to add all online courses since that’s out of scope

  • School is scam marked
  • Attendees has rated the course as not serious/fees in focus instead of the result
  • Courses that can’t be 100% done from distance
    (excl. certification tests since many is done at local test centers)
  • Courses without proof of completion such as; Certification, Diploma or similar.


Please leave a comment if you have something that I haven’t added or if you have any feedback.